Chronic pain can be reduced over time with personalized treatment.

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"Bermuda, if you are and have been in pain, & the doctor's are just giving you medications, (some of which have major side effects), your tired of all the runaround, then you NEED TO TRY SOMETHING NEW TO HELP YOU AND GIVE YOU SOME RELIEF. On this rock, there is only one Dr. I trust and have trusted for well over 9 years to give me relief from the various trigger points associated with Fibromyalgia. This Dr. Is a professional, caring, beautiful Bermudian, who is a specialist in Anaesthesia, Intensive Care, and Pain Control, WITHOUT USING NARCOTICS!"

Fibromyalgia Relief  

Dawn H

"How does one respond when “Doc” asks you, “In spite of whatever may be going on in my life, how do you feel when you come into this office?” My answer was, “Like a person, comfortable, listened to, confident, trusting, cared for and above all, safe!” This was not a trick question!"

FYI Anonymous

"I want to thank Cindy for the help she has been doing to my hip/leg muscle , which was injured some years ago , when I was struck on my job, I was recommended by a friend to go see her, and thanks to Cindy I am slowly recovering from all the pain I was feeling.... 

She gets 10 stars ********* she is the best and I love that she constantly ask you questions... Thanks Cindy"

Joi M J

"Unlike other medical professionals I've been treated by over the years, Dr. Morris takes the time to truly understand your medical history and the issue at hand. Treatments administered focus on getting to the root cause of an issue - not just treating a symptom - resulting in a more accurate diagnosis. After years of being misdiagnosed with asthma, I'm now free of having to pump unnecessary steroids into my system. Relief is an understatement! Along with her thorough understanding of your medical situation, you're treated with care and the utmost courtesy. After each visit, I leave a little more educated about my health and well being, and that's a great feeling."

Schereene O

Getting to the root of the issue.

"The game plan began with an assessment and pre-surgical care at the Complete Care Clinic. There I was met by a team of caring, compassionate and knowledgeable professionals. The office was comfortable and the service individual. At no time did I feel that I was being rushed and the staff took the time to explain my condition and the treatment options available. I appreciate the myriad of options that the staff was willing to explore. During my period of care, we explored a holistic approach, which for me meant things as simple as eating for my blood type, resulting in the loss of several pounds almost immediately and learning how to properly position my body for effective sleep, rest and recovery. It also meant using massage techniques to examine my condition and address my some of my issues. This progressed to necessary clinical treatments that required specialist knowledge and administration. In a short period of time I was given life changing advice, was able to demonstrate marked changes in my physique and was able to present as being less at risk for surgery. In the end, although still needing to do my part to reach the finish line, the treatment and care given by the staff at the Complete Care Clinic prepared me well and assisted in executing a game plan that prepared me for success."

Pre-Operative Care -  JW